Newest In Lawn Mower Technologies

How many of us love to mow our lawn? Whether you love it or hate it, it has to be done in order for your lawn to look its best. While you complain that you have to mow your lawn with your new Riding Lawn Mowers or Push Mowers, you fail to think how it would be to physically have to cut your grass with scissors or a scythe! Mowing your lawn today is extremely easy, convenient, and even fun because of the advanced technology and improvements which lawn mowers have gone through for over a century. With the advancements in technology, we are able to own unique, powerful, and convenient lawn mowers which help improve the look of our yards and give us the results we crave.

In 1827, the first lawn mower was introduced and was used for large gardens and sports fields. Edwin Budding was the creator of this first lawn mower which was patented in 1830. In 1840, another version of the mower was invented which was powered by animals such as horses. These animal-powered mowers are also known as the first riding-mowers. It took another sixty years after that for the first steam-powered mower to be invented and available to customers. All of these early lawn mowers were made out of cast iron and had a reel in the front. Over the years, various inventors, mechanics, and engineers have helped turn lawn mowers from animal-driven to machine driven that make mowing lawns a breeze.

Today’s lawn mowers come with numerous of attachments, accessories, and built in features from cutting and packing your grass to holding your cup of coffee without spilling a sip. Other features in new lawn mowers include:

-Automatic transmission

-Cruise control

-Ability to attach other tools which means now you can use your lawn mower to plow the snow or even spread fertilizer and seed with the right attachments

-Some new Walk-Behind Rotary Mowers allow you to start your mowing with a push of a button which means no more pulling a recoil-line and hurting your back or getting frustrated

-The newest in lawn mower technology are robot lawn mowers which mean that a machine does the work for you. While this won’t give you the exercise you want, it is extremely convenient and means that your lawn will look its best all the time. Some robotic lawn mowers are also powered by the sun which means more green-point for you.

So the next time you are mowing your lawn and contemplating on how tedious it is, think of the history and struggles that went into creating a lawn mower and how they have changed and improved mowing for your benefits.