Monster Leaf Bag from Alda Group LLC

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We are delighted to present the fantastic Monster Leaf Bag.

With so many available recently, it is wise to have a brand you can recognise. The Monster Leaf Bag is certainly that and will be a superb buy.

For this price, the Monster Leaf Bag comes widely recommended and is always a regular choice for many people. Alda Group LLC have provided some nice touches and this equals great value for money.

WHAT IT IS: The MONSTER Leaf Bag is a giant bag that attaches to a driving mower to help save time and energy when collecting leaves. It truly is straightforward to install, no zippers to jam, clog or split and arrives with a 1 calendar year producers guarantee from problems in material and workmanship.-----------------USE ON Garden TRACTOR: Take away the bags or bins from your driving mower (the top 50 percent of grass assortment method is nevertheless essential).Protected huge conclude of bag about the top 50 percent with drawstring. The chopped up leaves will be blown into the bag. Simply empty from huge conclude when full.---------------USE ON A LEAF BLOWER / VAC: As an alternative of the little bag that arrives with most blower vacs, attach the little open conclude of our enormous bag. Cinch drawstring restricted and wrap it 1 time about bag. Wrap excess drawstring about plastic cleat to finish off. No want to take away bag when full. Vacant from huge conclude of bag. No zippers to clog, jam or split. Some dust may escape from screened vent till captured leaves kind a filter on the vent. If bag blows off minimal versions, use a 5" hose clamp (not integrated) to safe it.------------------USE ON Wood CHIPPER: Substitute little bag with our enormous bag. Cinch drawstring restricted and wrap excess about plastic cleat.--------------USE ON A Industrial MOWER: It Need to have a metallic facet grass catcher for our enormous bag to attach to. Take away door on metallic catcher and attach our bag about again quarter of catcher. Cinch drawstring restricted about plastic cleat.-------------USE ON Garden VACUUM: Take away little bag and exchange with our enormous bag. Cinch drawstring restricted about plastic cleat. Use our bag ONLY when equipment is stationary and employing "pickup hose" to obvious places.---------------What is actually Included: MONSTER Leaf Bag, Set up Guidelines, 1 Calendar year Manufacturers Warranty from problems in supplies and workmanship.----------------What is actually NOT Included: Energy tools is not integrated.
Replace the small bag or bins on your outdoor power equipment with our huge collection bag. Fast & easy to get the job done. Up to 10 times bigger than bag that came with your machine. Huge laid flat size: 10 ft. long x 6 ft. wide. 1 stop to empty instead of 10, gets the job done faster. Collect leaves in a fraction of the time: Lawn mower bag, leaf blower bag, wood chipper bag and lawn vacuum bag. Use our huge bag to fit any of your 5 different outdoor power eqipment: Lawn Mower, Leaf Blower/Vacuum, Commercial Mower, Wood Chipper and Lawn Vacuum. Tough industrial bag material with slick surface to glide over lawn. Inverted cone shape bag for fast & easy emptying. All seams are double stitched for strength.